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Posted by joginvik
Monday 11 November 2013 - 12:44:12

A revamped version of the PartyPoker. com website has been unveiled by online gaming firm The website offers a series of social features and new branding, with the company saying that the re-launch marked ???a significant first step in the integration of social features into the real money gaming environment???.

As part of the first-phase release, the website is now available on Android and iOS platforms as well as computers, with added desktop features set to be introduced at a later stage. The online poker product integrates a ???1-Click Lobby??, which offers players instant access to a range of cash or tournament games that suit their styles, as well as social features.

These social features include ???missions??, which give players targets to improve their skills, ???achievements??, marking personal milestones, and a friends and profile page, where they can interact with other players. The company added that the online poker table has been redesigned to provide a cleaner offering.

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