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As the UEFA Euro 2012 football tournament concludes, the next major sporting event on our horizon is the summer Olympics in London. Creating a website for a niche such as betting on the Olympic Games can be as problematic or simple as you make it, depending on your approach and how you tackle the process. Using Euro 2012 as an example, it is possible to create such a niche site and generate decent rankings, traffic and commissions. This article will explain the processes you can undertake to get a niche site off the ground - especially for sporting events that are either seasonal or occur on two or four year cycles - and how to get the most out of it. You can apply many of these principles on future websites, whether you want to try an Olympic betting site or something like the 2014 World Cup.

LOOKING AT THE problem objectively, the solution is somewhat simple: create a website that is optimised, write really good content and build links for it. The good news is that, theoretically, niche sites have less competition so by creating the pages you have an easier chance of ranking well. Conversely, if you tried to create a generic casino portal, the competition is tough; their sites are well established, they have thousands of pages and thousands of links... sometimes more. With a niche site like Olympic betting, you still have a chance to create a website, get content and links and see traffic come in. You can also apply these steps on other niche sites for future sporting events.

Here is a breakdown of the steps towards creating your niche site:
??? Creating a website
??? Content and conversion
??? SEO, link building and traffic

Creating a website

When creating a website you are also picking a topic; for the time being, we are going to focus on Summer Olympics Betting 2012. The sooner you can get your website up and running the better your chances of ranking for a topic. One month before the event is very short notice but it is still possible to pull it off, get traffic and make some money. We will also assume you are on a limited budget - there is no point in spending too much money not knowing what your ROI will be. So you can buy a domain and hosting for around $50 for a year or go down the ???freemium??™ route using hosted or blogging sites. Examples include Live Journal, or Blogspot/Blogger. The advantage of using some of these sites is that you can get traffic from the networks by writing content and not have to build a single link. At the time of writing, Google is giving itself more traffic via its own networks like Google+ and blogspot. For simplicity, we??™ll recommend you start your site with

Selecting a domain

Whether you buy a domain or select one on blogspot you should pick your domain wisely. There are many arguments in the SEO world about whether exact match domains are important anymore but in my opinion, they will always be relevant. Whatever your domain is, you are either building up a brand or you want the name to be self explanatory. For example:
??? betonsummerolympics20i2.

Which is a better domain to select? With the first one, I have no idea what the blog is about but if I was searching for ???bet on swimming summer Olympics??™ and I found the second site, I??™d probably think I??™m at the right place. Do it firstly for conversion and secondly because there is still some relevance for exact match domains.

Content and conversion

This is where a lot of people get their websites wrong - I have been guilty of this myself in the past. One person I have learnt a lot from on this topic is Graeme from and, sure enough, he has launched beteur02012.0rg, which is currently doing well.
There is nothing wrong with writing content that doesn??™t convert but if all of your content is focused in this manner then none of the traffic you do generate will convert into sales. Let??™s look at examples of bad converting and good converting content.

Bad converting content

??? Michael Phelps going for more gold medals
??? Summer Olympic Games schedule
??? Medal count by countries
??? Most memorable Summer Olympics moments

Good converting content

??? Bet on Michael Phelps
??? Where to bet on Summer Olympics 2012
??? Odds for total Olympic Golds for Great Britain
??? Sportsbook promotions for London Olympics

Again, there is nothing wrong with writing content that won??™t convert, just don??™t expect your traffic to click on any of your banners or links. If a person is searching for a schedule, they probably don??™t have any interest at all in betting and the conversion rate on this topic is going to be extremely low. That said, this is still useful information to have on a website especially for your visitors that do like to bet and perhaps found your site through a different page. Writing previews of events will also get you traffic but, again, is unlikely to improve your chances of converting.
The bad converting examples listed will get more traffic but lead to almost no sales while the good converting content examples will generate less traffic but will contain the depositing players you are looking for. Have a look at beteur02012.0rg as a great example for content ideas and website structure.
One last note on content is to try to get into the mind of what the user would want to

search for and what appeals to them. If you have a page focused on ???Michael Phelps Odds for Summer Olympics in London??™, then try to write more content focused on things that matter to the odds. So, rather than write about the swimmer write more about his chances of winning in relation to the odds and/or list the best odds for Michael Phelps.

Go niche

Olympic betting is a niche topic, but you can go even deeper. Every country is a niche you can focus on, using sites dedicated on betting for all the events for a specific country; such as athletes from UK, Canada, Sweden, etc. Likewise, you can also focus on individual games like swimming and list all of the latest odds and betting options on all the swimming events and swimmers.

SEO, link building and traffic

On-page SEO

SEO is still a big mystery to many people and it doesn??™t need to be. If your content is good then you??™ll want to make sure that it is presentable with well written page titles and descriptions.

Link building

Links will help you rank and there are enough options available where you don??™t have to buy them. In general, just try to focus on social media links and sites that are as relevant as possible. So, for Olympic betting as a topic, you??™ll want links from sites that talk about the Olympics, sports and betting/ gambling and, increasingly, the links that are becoming more influential in 2012 are those from within social media.

There are now hundreds of these sites but you can simplify things by sticking to the main ones: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. There are also many
sports and gambling webmaster forums available as further sources of links and information. When approaching link building, it is also worth noting that link exchanges are not as helpful as they used to be and could actually be harmful. In addition, Google+ ???shares??™ are having a bigger impact on ranking, which is no real surprise given that it is Google??™s own social outlet, but guest posting is still the way to go.


SEO shouldn??™t be your only means of traffic. Social media outlets can be treated like search engines themselves and they offer the chance to gain more traffic without having to be dependent on a search engine. Ironically, a site that has a stronger social media presence tends to get better search rankings as a result.

For a while, too many webmasters cared about getting a nofollow link with a high page rank regardless of if that link came with relevant traffic. Go for links or places that can get you relevant traffic regardless of whether the link is nofollow or not.

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