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Tuesday 19 October 2010 - 21:01:35

Sports betting online is a popular means by which to place bets on sporting events. When betting online, a potential bettor must open an online sports betting account at an online bookmaker.

Once you have established an online sports betting account, you will need to fund the account. Many sports betting sites accept MasterCard, Visa, and any one of several e-wallets. Bettors living outside the USA can often use their NETeller accounts or PayPal accounts to fund their online sports betting account.

Upon funding your sports betting online account, you will often receive a bonus of sorts. Some sports betting sites offer a free bet, while others will offer either a match bonus, or guarantee winners by providing a partial rebate on bets lost up to a certain amount. However the method, it is commonplace for an online sports betting site to offer some sort of bonus to entice potential sports bettors to fund their online sports betting accounts.

As soon as you are funded, you may find the sport and team or teams you wish to bet on. Most sports online betting sites offer all the major sports for wagering, including football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Additionally, bettors may bet on tennis, rugby, boxing, horse racing, auto racing, and even golf!

When betting on a sport, a bettor may often bet on individual teams by way of either a point spread or by the money line. When betting via the point spread, the underdog receives points. Thus, the underdog team is spotted points prior to the beginning of the match. As a result, they may lose the actual match, yet win on a betting ticket. When betting the money line, however, the team who wins the match also wins the bet. With money line betting, the underdog pays out more on a win that the favorite does ?? as the favorite is expected to win.

In addition to betting on actual matches, betting customers of online sports betting sites can make proposition bets. We can bet on anything from will Wayne Rooney score a goal in his upcoming football match, to whether a fight will go longer than six rounds, or even how many majors Tiger Woods will win in the current golfing season.

Online sports betting sites offer many different sports to bet on. When using an online sports betting site, you may bet on teams, events, propositions and even futures, such as what team will win the Super Bowl.

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