With stats shaving becoming an increasingly problematic affiliate issue, it’s important to implement key strategies to avoid missed payments from less-than-reputable operators

THE LIVELIHOOD OF any affiliate’s business relies on his or her ability to make a sale and earn a commission. The ugly truth is that some operators purposely don’t pay accurate commissions in an effort to keep those profits for themselves.

The occurrence of some operators depriving affiliates from their rightful commissions to minimise their own expenses is known as ‘shaving’. Shaving can be done in a number of ways, from removing an affiliate’s stats and hiding various player deposits to changing lifetime commission policies and moving players to different casinos on the same network.

By shaving away the player in question, the affiliate is denied his or her rightful affiliate commissions on an ongoing basis. Stats shaving has made it difficult for affiliates to earn their rightful profits and as any affiliate could imagine, it’s a massive challenge. With careful planning, however, this problem can be avoided.

Be aware of your operators’ reputations

This might sound like common sense, but affiliates must perform proper and extensive research before signing on with any new program. Just because an operator says it’s offering unbelievable deals doesn’t mean the company really is. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably is. Check out reviews, visit forums and ask other trusted affiliates for their perspectives and recommendations.

The key is to work with an operator that has a longstanding reputation for paying their affiliates and operates with a sound, proven business model. Another important element is understanding the company’s infrastructure. Is there an affiliate manager that will be assigned to your account?

An affiliate manager can be helpful if something goes awry. If an operator does not have an affiliate manager, know who the point of contact is that can help affiliates solve payment issues. Ongoing communication is key to maximising the effectiveness of a program in order to better understand it, as well as catch any changes to existing agreements.
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