How to earn what you’re worth.

ONE THING THAT being an affiliate has in common with other professions is the desire for greater success. Ask any affiliate if they would like to achieve and earn more for their efforts, and they will undoubtedly say ‘yes’. Successful efforts and results merit strong compensation. So how do you know when you deserve more from an affiliate program? More importantly, how do you go about getting it? The following is a brief guide to earning what you’re worth.


When it comes to getting the most out of your efforts and results, the importance of communicating with your affiliate manager cannot be stressed enough.

Your affiliate manager is there to build and maintain a strong, lasting, and mutually profitable business relationship with you to ensure a healthy partnership and program success. By communicating with your manager regularly, you will develop a genuine relationship with them, and when a manager knows you and understands your business model, he or she will be able to support you in a much more effective manner.

By building and maintaining a strong relationship, you will also be able to increase your accomplishments through access to your manager’s in-depth program knowledge. One area that is good to monitor is the geo-accessibility limitations pertaining to specific programs.

In certain cases, quality traffic might actually be incongruent with an affiliate program due to restrictions on traffic by country and region. As an affiliate, this may mislead you to think that the program has low conversion rates when, in fact, your traffic may simply not be accepted. By having this conversation, you will be able to succeed by channelling the traffic you impact most to the right programs, thereby increasing conversions and earnings.

Affiliate marketing on the whole is about the strength of relationships, and a strong relationship through transparent communication with your manager will only help you in the long run. By being open and direct with your manager, you will help them understand your needs as an affiliate beyond a business model. Affiliates often have different personal approaches to their work and by letting your manager know just what makes you tick, you allow them to find programs and strategies most suited to your needs.

Transparency is a major element in affiliate marketing and telling the truth about your business practices and capacity to produce will enhance your negotiations on adequate compensation packages.
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