The latest offering in the Europe by Numbers data series inches east to explore the markets in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. This data is publicly available from Google Insights, Google AdWords and also takes into account information that I come across in my daily activity as an iGaming SEO working across international markets.

IN THE LAST issue, we looked at France, Italy and the Netherlands. This time we’re going to take a tactical view of a selection of Eastern European markets. While there are many markets to consider in Eastern Europe, I though it would be useful to look at the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Common to these three markets is one thing I find quite comforting; namely, the Latin alphabet. Hungarian belongs to the Uralic language family while Polish is linguistically a member of the Lechitic subgroup of West Slavic languages. OK... so let’s cut to the chase, you’re not reading this for a lesson in linguistics; you’re reading this because you’re primarily interested in making a long-term stable income as an iGaming affiliate.

The reason these countries were chosen as part three of this multi-part article is simple: there’s money here, and it’s relatively easy money too, so read this very carefully. As an SEO and an affiliate operating in many international markets, I find myself tom in what I feel I can share and what I feel I should keep close to my chest. In part, I can justify sharing this information because I know that many or most reading this will not take action (and not become my competitor). However, those of you who have taken action and are now or have been operating in these regions for some time should join forces and collaborate.
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