IGAMING CONSULTANCY FIRM, BolaVerde Media Group, has released a report into the amount spent by the online gambling industry on lobbying government officials in Washington, DC, over the third quarter of 2010.

The report revealed that 58 different parties spent an estimated total of $4.66 million over the three-month period, an 8.5 percent quarter-on-quarter increase and a 46 percent rise when compared with the same period in 2009.

Details of the parties involved and how much each spent are available in the latest instalment of BolaVerde's Internet Gambling Federal Lobbying Report along with an explanation of what may be at stake and how contributions could potentially influence the political process.

"The increase over the third quarter of 2010 was driven by a positive vote in July on Representative Barney Frank's licensing bill, which authorises Internet gambling between and among participating states and Indian nations," read a statement from BolaVerde.

Significantly, that vote was the first on any such bill in Congress, a watershed in Internet gambling's 15-year history on Capitol Hill."
BolaVerde revealed that gambling industry operators spent around 35 percent of the total lobbying amount ($1.64 million), which represented an increase of 4.1 percent over the preceding quarter. This was followed by trade groups including the American Gaming Association, which dished out $1.21 million, representing almost 26 percent of the entire sum, although down by 3.3 percent quarter-on-quarter.

Trailing these trade associations were companies and interest groups that do not fit neatly into any of the categories used to organise lobbying spend. This 'other' group and its members accounted for $771,685, which represented a 97.9 percent increase over the preceding quarter.

Financial services companies laid down an estimated $662,114, which BolaVerde stated was down by 21.6 percent quarter-on-quarter.

Technology suppliers GTECH and Walker Digital Gaming spent around $145,000 lobbying members of Congress over the third quarter of last year, which accounted for just over three percent of the total. This was followed by financial services trade associations including the Financial Services Roundtable which shelled out $132,934, which was up by a massive 216.5 percent when compared with the previous quarter.
Finally, BolaVerde declared that professional and amateur sports leagues accounted for approximately $95,333 of the total monies spent, which represented a decrease of over 20 percent when compared to the prior quarter.
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