The much anticipated release of the iPad 2 finally arrived

The much anticipated release of the iPad 2 finally arrived in March, with Apple's Steve Jobs unveiling the new, sleeker generation of the tablet computer at a conference in San Francisco despite officially being on medical leave (Mr Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004).

The launch comes at a time when Apple's market share in the tablet computing sector had actually fallen by some 20 percent, according to Strategy Analytics, being challenged by companies such as HP and Samsung, but mainly attributed to Google's open-source Android system.

The iPad has been increasingly targeted by iGaming companies with the likes of Paddy Power and Betfair creating iPad-specific apps. This trend looks set to continue as the prevalence of tablet computers increases, with a forecasted 64 million predicted to be sold internationally by the end of this year (Gartner).

Apple's market share has plummeted from a high of 95 percent in September 2010 to a reported 75 percent by the close of 2010, which equates to a loss of 20 percent in just three months.
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