Affiliate payments landscape in iGaming

As our start-up feature underlines later in the magazine, the area of payments is not only a fundamental part of the affiliate business, but can also be a complex one that changes depending on the geographic markets in which you operate. Thoughts to some of the issues surrounding the affiliate payments landscape in iGaming.

What are the most challenging payments issues facing affiliates in the current climate as markets regulate and the industry continues to evolve?
As you mentioned, market regulation is a key challenge as it is almost synonymous with payment regulation. The ripple effect is the challenge of paying individuals around the world, as payment companies need to offer services that are totally licensed in different jurisdictions.

What would be your advice for those entering the iGaming affiliate space for the first time with regards to payments and the importance of identifying a partner that can accurately cater to their business needs?
Affiliates and networks need to carefully study the payment options and the providers behind those options, as they are not conditioned to ask themselves questions like “Where is my money being held?” or “Will I be able to access my funds locally?” Affiliates and networks must evaluate these elements in the same way they study the product they are going to market through their marketing partnerships.

Naturally, security is a big issue for any online-facing industry - what are the current safeguards in place to ensure that affiliates’ money is secure?
Some of the biggest security concerns with payments emerge from the specific jurisdictions where the payments are being made and where the funds are being held. Intercash merchants fund a secured merchant account in Luxembourg, which is then used to make a direct payment to their affiliates’ chip and PIN-protected personalised prepaid card. On the back of each Intercash card, we state the name of the issuing bank which informs the affiliate where their money is being held. Affiliates can consequently be comforted by the fact their funds are totally secured by the MasterCard network regulating this payment tool and the bank holding their money.

What sorts of promotions has Intercash been offering for affiliates in the iGaming space and describe some of the features that have become popular with your users, such as your Card to Card transfer?
Promoting a payment option is not on the same scale as marketing an online gaming site. For this reason, we have kept the formula simple for affiliates to use and, in turn, promote. The product sells itself: backed by the MasterCard brand, Intercash cards are convenient, regulated, and the most secure way to receive commission and bonus payments from partnered networks. The Card to Card transfer and our new top-up abilities are just some of the great prepaid card features affiliates will enjoy.

Affiliates are increasingly looking at mobile as the next platform for the ‘digital’ space. How different is the mobile payments landscape to online and what should affiliates be taking note of?
I am a great believer in the future of the ‘digital’ space as a future marketplace for affiliates. Affiliates know: payments are payments. Their commission and bonus payments are controlled by the same regulators and providers in mobile as they are online.

Finally, on a personal note, how challenging is it to be spearheading, as CEO, the strategy of a payments company in the digital age - what are the challenges, the opportunities and, ultimately, do you enjoy it?
I have to admit that being at the forefront of payment services is far more challenging than I had originally anticipated 12 years ago when I entered this niche space. Cyberspace for CEOs can be very demanding because of the need to understand all the marketing trends and applications (affiliate marketing is one of the most challenging yet fun sectors). There are so many ways to work in this space and understanding is key for important issues like financial industry compliance in different countries. So what’s on my plate on a day-to-day basis? Marketing, technology, payments regulations, banking trends, networking with stakeholders like MasterCard and Visa, and much more. But I love it: it keeps me at peak levels in all areas of my life and constantly challenged. In my position, I don’t like making mistakes because the ripples are huge and I’m accountable.
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