The live casino industry has provided numerous advantages to players that weren't previously available with standard RNG Flash casino offerings.

Since its inception, the live casino industry has provided numerous advantages to players that weren't previously available with standard RNG Flash casino offerings.

WITH LIVE casino games, not only does the element of 'live' add an extra buzz to the gameplay. but the player can also build a bond with a particular dealer, and see with their own eyes that the results appear to be fair, rather than relying on statistics provided by the actual casino. This results in increased brand loyalty meaning that players have a higher average value than they do at a Flash-only casino. It is not surprising, therefore, that this has captured the attention of some of the industry's top affiliates.

In a classic case of'adapt or potentially be left behind', affiliates have had to decide the most effective way to optimise general and targeted traffic to convert for these brands. Some have just thrown a live casino in their homepage bonus table, while others have added a hastily assembled live casino page. The question to be posed is whether this approach is costing potential conversions; i.e. does this growing industry sector need a little more thought put into how it is advertised by affiliates?

Optimising generic casino traffic

Although the popularity of live casino games has risen dramatically over recent years, there are still vast numbers of gamblers who perhaps haven't even heard of the term 'live casino'. Perhaps this is because they have been loyal to an RNG offering in previous years, or possibly even because they are a completely new online casino player. Therefore, before looking into gaining more focused live casino traffic, you should look to optimise converting the general traffic already coming to your site - they are all online casino seekers after all.

Before this can be done, we need to look into what makes the average casino player decide to choose one casino over another. Although not the only issue of importance, it is hard to disagree that one of the biggest deciding factors is trust. Over the years, gamblers have become accustomed to seeing Flash games, download links and a certain type of casino interface. How do they react if, without warning, they are taken out of this environment?

Some players may embrace it, however, some may not trust this unfamiliar sight and decide not to play. This does not just lose you a click, but also loses you a potential player at any one of your other listed brands.

The key to avoiding this lies with taking the precaution of preparing the user for the offering they are about to view; put simply, by making sure the user knows what to expect before they actually click through your affiliate link. On the affiliate side of the industry, we are all very aware of the benefits of playing live rather than Flash, but will casino players instantly see that, or will they not like the unexpected casino format they have been thrust into?

This now begs the question as to how you make the user aware of where they are going to end up. You can do many things, the most obvious being to choose a casino to promote not only based on their game offering, but one which has great affiliate creatives available at your disposal. Remember, one of the primary user benefits sought in a live casino is the visual interaction available. Therefore, banners and even Flash videos which contain images of the dealers and descriptive live casino text is a must, yet a number of large affiliates still promote live casinos that don't cvim mention the main message effectively enough in their own banners.

It is best to list the known benefits of joining a five casino in your actual page content positive terms such as real dealers, visibly fair results, more exciting gameplay and social interaction can't be argued, and these are all features that casino players will seek.

If the user knows of this before he or she has even clicked through, they understand the concept of live casino from the beginning, and can make an informed choice of what they want - most likely resulting in a better CTR and higher conversions.

Remember, this won't only aid conversion for the live casino, it will also make sure people who don't want to play there don't select the wrong option, which is effectively throwing away potential players and, in turn, money.

Generating new targeted traffic

The most obvious, and arguably most effective way for an affiliate to optimise their traffic conversion, is to look at the player journey before they arrive at your site. The live casino industry has created a buzz; players aren't just looking for standard casinos and hoping they have a live dealer offering anymore, they are looking for live casinos with a Flash offering on the side.

The figures speak for themselves. According to the Google Keyword Tool, 9,900 people per month are searching specifically for 'live casino', as well as 5,400 per month looking for live roulette', the most popular live game. You don't need to be an expert to know that these volumes are not too far off some of the major casino keywords. Not only do exact keywords like these have great volume, but there are 1,000 searches for broader keywords like 'live roulette online', almost a mini industry within the casino sector itself.

Such keywords are often a lot easier to rank for than some of the major keywords due to the lack of competition. This is surprising considering the average player value of a live casino player is higher than that of a standard Flash casino. Not only that, but the commercial visitor intent can't be argued; someone searching for live casino' is looking specifically for a live casino - the conversion rate for these keywords will, therefore, be unquestionably high.


To summarise, not only should affiliates be looking at adding a selection of live casinos to their offering, they need to do so under the pretence that their visitors have never seen one before, otherwise they run the risk of losing traffic and consequent revenue.

Affiliates should also never underestimate the level of demand for specific live casino products through key marketing channels such as search engines, and they should adjust their strategies as such.
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