How affiliates can maximise their earnings during the holidays.

How affiliates can maximise their earnings during the holidays?

WITH THE HOLIDAY season just around the corner, iGaming affiliates are preparing for the time of the year associated with the ringing of yuletide bells and the potential for increased consumer spending. Many affiliate programs are already planning holiday-themed specials, bonuses and promotions. Affiliates who want to leverage this key earning period to reach and convert an increased number of players need to start planning now.

Here are several seasonal tips to help you earn more from your affiliate business during the holiday period.

Pre-holiday planning

One of the best ways to maximise your earning potential during the holidays is to plan early. November is the perfect time of the year to create a concrete marketing strategy. Starting early will allow you the time you need to plan your promotional strategy, build your search engine optimisation and focus on ideally- suited affiliate program partners. When affiliates wait until mid-December to climb on board with the seasonal buzz, the competition is often fierce, making it more challenging to earn more in this coveted Q4 period.

Find the ‘holiday spirit’

During the holidays, many people chase that ubiquitous ‘holiday spirit’. Make sure that you are providing players with that same holiday cheer by promoting the right affiliate programs. This is a good time to review the programs you regularly promote throughout the year, and hone your offers with holiday-themed games, promotions, bonuses and tournaments. It is also an opportune time to seek out new partners, especially ones that have embodied the holiday spirit in their offerings.

Find loyal ‘elves’

Father Christmas ensures that gifts are always delivered on time - no questions asked! This would not be possible without his brand ambassadors - his ‘loyal elves’.

Players have the potential to be brand ambassadors or loyal elves. Often, you may focus on acquiring new players for the holiday season, however, it’s important to recognise that you could already have a goldmine of brand ambassadors. If you happen to have an existing database with contact details for past players from an email campaign or special contest you ran, you can refer to this data to start re-building relationships and invite those former partners to come back this season and take advantage of your offers. They can help spread the word to other players about your special promotions in player communities. Connect with these existing loyal fans and offer something exclusive or provide them with first dibs on your special holiday gifts.


When you walk into a bricks-and-mortar store, you are instantly enveloped in holiday decorations, carols, ribbons and merriment. Your affiliate website is really no different.

If holiday entertainment is what your players are looking for, then make sure when they land on your website that it’s obvious they have come to the right place. Now is a great time to talk to your affiliate program managers and ask for holiday- themed banners. Then you will be set with the right kind of seasonal marketing creative to give your website that fresh holiday cheer. If you use text links on your website, update these as well so that you are promoting the most appealing holiday games and programs.

Optimise your website cheer

Once you know which programs/ promotions you will be focusing on during the holiday season, you can begin to research keywords to incorporate within your content. Holiday search terms tend to be very competitive, so it is often recommended to focus on long-tail keywords as opposed to short-tail ones. Try to be as specialised as possible to minimise competition. To get the most out of the keywords that you’re using, they should be used in several places. First, use them in your meta description and the title of your page. If you have a blog, you can often download plug-ins (depending on the type of blog software you are using) that help you accomplish this easily.

Second, they must be used in the text of your copy. Use unique keywords or keyword phrases once every 60 to 80 words for best results. However, the prerequisite to both these steps is research. To find out what people are searching for, relative to your niche, you can use a tool like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Maximise your holiday merriment

The holidays can be an auspicious time to invest in (or increase) marketing campaigns. People are often looking for deals, promotions, free deposits, bonuses and the like during the holidays, so they are generally more open to receiving this kind of promotional information. A great PPC campaign (using your keyword research, of course) or email campaign can be the perfect way to announce what you have in store for the season to potential players. If you want to take it a step further, create a special landing page designed specifically for your holiday promotions. One quick tip for your landing page is to make sure the visitor finds exactly what they are looking for, and quickly. For example, if you have a PPC ad and are promoting Holiday Poker Promotions, make sure that your landing page delivers exactly that. Also, be sure to include a prominent call-to-action, so it is evident what action your visitor has to take in order to achieve the end goal.

Find your best reindeer

Your marketing campaigns are a bit like Father Christmas’ reindeers - they should be working in harmony to fly your sleigh around the world in one night, which for affiliates means the driving and conversion of traffic. Naturally, you will want to promote several iGaming offers simultaneously and combine those with the best marketing channels to generate the most profit. The key to achieving this objective is to monitor those ‘reindeers’ and see which are your strongest. Based on the performance of those offers, you will have evidence as to which offer has driven the most players to you. More importantly, you will discover which of those offers have converted the best and provided you with the most profit. Just as Rudolph is head of the reindeer pack, think of which one of your offers should take the lead in terms of receiving the most investment of time and optimisation.

The holiday season is a competitive time for reaping iGaming rewards. If you plan to dash through the period as a top earner, you must separate yourself from the competition. Ensure that your holiday campaigns have unique bells and whistles that set you apart from the rest of the crowd. And remember; just like eggnog, your holiday earnings are only as strong as the ingredients you put into it.
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