Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular in Russia

Recently a survey was conducted in Russia...

Recently a survey was conducted in Russia to identify the percentage of citizens interested in casino gambling. Interestingly enough, the sociologists were surprised by the survey results.

As it turned out, over 39 million people out of 140 million population would like to go to gambling establishments. Moreover, over half of Russia’s population is ready to spend rather large sums of money on gambling. In Russia and Ukraine, the people most often gamble online due to a challenging gambling environment in the two countries. The thing is that online gambling offers much greater convenience, and anyone, while being located anywhere in the world, can play on a particular website with a fellow gamer living on the opposite side of the globe. It’s very convenient, isn’t it?

No matter how hard did the Russian authorities try to ban and close the gaming websites on the Internet, it seems that none of the measures worked. The main problem is that most online casinos are located on foreign servers where the Russian laws are not applicable. The research has shown that Russians today can be called inveterate gamblers, as out of 140 million Russians over 40 million are keen on gambling. Incidentally, this share is in fact much higher than the same indicator in the U.S., France and the Netherlands. Besides, gambling is in great demand these days both on the specialized resources and various social networking websites. In general, online games are becoming increasing popular each year. The people in Russia have forgotten the good old board games such as Monopoly. After all, it’s much more convenient to sit at your computer, log onto the website you want and start fighting with a fellow gamer located in any country.

The survey organizers were extremely surprised by the fact that 49% of young girls and women also love to play online casino games, whereas it was assumed that the majority of Russian gamblers would comprise programmers or IT managers. Now it goes without saying that the Russian celebrity women may also indulge in casino games. The nation’s favorites, Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru, have repeatedly had large winnings, although not online but in real casinos. At the moment, the analysts are trying to predict how all this will evolve this year. Many wrestle with the question, “What will happen to the gambling business in such a difficult time?” However the greatest fear among the gamblers is that the Russian authorities are beginning to take the matter of the elimination of the casinos seriously.

It may well happen that many foreign websites for their own security will be forced to deny access for the Russian gamblers. Should the United States ban the online gambling activities, the rest of the world’s countries will follow. Anyway, let's not particularly forestall the developments. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of gambling, because we live only once!
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