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Alex Kamberos of 36Gaming talks to eGaming Review about how social media and the proliferation of new platforms such as tablet devices will lead to rapid success for those able to keep up with the pace

Alex Kamberos of 36Gaming talks to eGaming Review about how social media and the proliferation of new platforms such as tablet devices will lead to rapid success for those able to keep up with the pace

Moving forward in 2011, the playing field looks to be picking up and allowing for growth. It should be noted that newly regulated markets should be approached with caution as the cost barrier can be very steep and not operator friendly, so one should choose wisely in order to see returns.

One of the big things for this year will be social media and its uses and benefi ts to the online gaming industry. As this is a new playground, it should not be viewed only as a means to advertise and convert players, as this is not its intended function. Let us not forget this is a social media, so the product should be of a shareable nature and cause people to invite other people to check it out.

This can be accomplished by a creating a competitionbased model with prizes. We have released a platform which we feel will work on the medium and we will monitor and improve it according to its performance and metrics.

Another new development is the mighty tablet as yet another device that punters can potentially use in their leisure time, as it is more mobile than a he  y laptop.

Being lighter, the chances are it will be with the player for longer periods of time, so there is more exposure to the casinos that implement a solution for the platform. We have built an entire new platform for the platform arena to cover both Android and IOS4, which should be the majority market share of tablets for now.

Mobility is becoming an important factor in player choice and as technologies emerge the so warehouses will have to face the challenge of off ering as good a product as they off er online on these new mediums. A different focus and platform will be the television set, as TV and the internet integrate. We predicted this new market opportunity in the previous year and took a step ahead of the technology. Our solution was built to be provided via a cable TV provider set-top box and is aimed at an older demographic that is not quite comfortable with too many buttons and the mouse or the computer for that matter. So it is an easy move to adjust this to work for web TV, delivered via normal web-enabled televisions without a set-top box. This seems to be the year for new emerging technologies to shine and help increase market share for operators. If they are used to compliment an already good product, that can only mean more customer pools to tap into, and an increase in revenue from existing customers. At 36Gaming we are confi dent that we have covered all the aspects of new technologies for this year and are conducting research constantly to ensure that we stay ahead of the game. We develop products of long-term value and profitability for the operator, and are committed to doing so always.

The grim points of this year remain the same as those of the last: the re-opening of the US market and the developing nightmare of multi-regulated EU jurisdictions. In the context of the world fi nancial crisis, these do not paint a pretty picture from the operators’ perspective nor the player’s perspective, as the latter feels the crunch in their pocket they will limit their leisure activities and will make it more challenging for the operators to win their business.

This does not mean to say, however, that 2011 will not be a successful year. For those who know where to look, opportunities are still out there. By expanding into social media and extending product off erings to new formats, operators will attract an ever-widening range of new players. Here at 36Gaming, we are committed to keeping up to date with the latest market trends and player needs, in order to ensure the future looks bright for our partners in the online gaming space.
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