The Future for Poker Affiliates

The Future...

On April 15, 2011, the online poker industry was forever changed by the United of Justice. The Department of Justice seized the domains of FullTMtotaKCoai., and, as well as issued indictments against the principals of these companies. Jeremy Enke, Founder of Poker Affiliate Listings, explores.

WHILE THERE ARE indeed still a small number of poker sites for US players to play at, this has decimated the income of many poker affiliates. Many poker affiliates are questioning whether they even want to remain in the industry.

Regardless of the current state of affairs, I still believe that the poker affiliate industry is one of the most profitable and exciting affiliate niches to operate within. Unfortunately, given the recent developments, it is also one of the most uncertain industries to be in.

With that said, it is important for poker affiliates to diversify their businesses and leverage their Internet marketing prowess into other affiliate verticals. Any individual that can be successful in a highly competitive industry such as poker affiliate marketing will surely be able to emulate that success into different niches.

Let's face it; the future of online poker for US poker players is widely unknown right now. There is no doubt that US players will always have options to play online poker. However, where they can play and how they can process their deposits is still evolving. For poker affiliates, this makes long-term strategy and planning nearly impossible.

Most in the industry agree that in the future, we will see some form of online poker regulation in the United States. When this does transpire, it will more than likely be led by lobbyists and Las Vegas casinos. In this scenario, it's difficult to predict exactly what the poker affiliate landscape will look like.

My guess, however, is those incentive schemes such as rakeback, and even revenue sharing for affiliates, will be eliminated. The new face of online poker will more than likely resemble VIP and player rewards programs such as you currently see in the Las Vegas casinos.

With a more limited number of online poker sites available to US players, there is no doubt that the player values will increase. Unfortunately, I foresee the payouts and commission amounts to affiliates decreasing. My vision of the poker affiliate industry, should regulation take place, is one that closely resembles a more mainstream.

With regulation? you'll also see a new breed of affiliate marketers who once thought of online gaming to be 'illegal' or a grey area'. These marketers will bring with them additional skill sets such as pay per dick and retargeting strategies that are not actively being used in the current US poker affiliate market.

In closing, it is impossible to predict exactiy what the online poker landscape will look like a year from now, let alone one month from now. Regardless of how things wind up, there will always be an opportunity for poker affiliates and Internet marketers to earn an income in the online poker industry.

In the meantime, the best strategy for poker affiliates is to diversify their businesses and stay informed on the daily changes taking place within the industry. Those who learn to quickly adapt to these changes will be the poker affiliates that continue seeing success for many years to come.
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