search patterns of UK consumers for keywords related to iGaming products and services

Search marketing agency, Greenlight, produces reports that monitor the search patterns of UK consumers for keywords related to iGaming products and services. Here, we analyse sportsbetting statistics from Greenlight's latest sector report charting total search volumes from April 2010 to March 2011.

THE AGENCY'S LATEST sector report sheds some light on month-by-month search volumes for keywords in the iGaming space, covering bingo, casino, poker and sportsbetting. As we can see from both of the charts on this page (Figures і and 2), the combined search volumes for all gaming-related keywords has suffered a significant drop since August 2010, falling from 2.5 million searches to it's lowest level in December 2010 of just 802,000. And although the data shows that volumes do start to pick up as we break into 2011, March's level again dips to around 850,000 searches.

Over period of the report, we can see that the keyword 'bet' (Figure 2) has fallen in¬line with the rest of the report, decreasing from 110,000 in April 2010 to a mere 33,100 in March 2011. Not shown in this particular data, the term 'sportsbetting' has towed a similar path, retreating from 18,000 to around 4,400 over the same period.

So what is this data telling us?

It's hard to accurately predict the patterns we're seeing in the data supplied by Greenlight, but although it appears negative, it isn't necessarily bad news.

Greenlight's report is utilising a selection of short-tail keywords entered into Google's search engine on a month-by-month basis, with many of the higher volume ones being relatively standard terms. What this uniform decline in volume could suggest is not that consumers are losing interest in the space, but rather that they are far more aware of what they are looking for, either using longer-tail terms to narrow their search, or bypassing Google altogether.

The next report should give us more insight as it covers one of the seasonally busy periods for sportsbetting in the UK, a period that includes the Grand National, the Boat Race and the Masters Golf tournament at Augusta, and which attracts the type of seasonal bettor who would be using Google to influence data sets such as this. Yet, these results aren't showing any spike in search volumes despite the events being only a month away; even deep down in the bowels of the data, I can see that the term 'Grand National Odds' are constant from November to March having been, allegedly, at zero from the previous April (when the race is run) to August.

So a possible question mark over that set of data, but generally, an interesting insight into the general search patterns of UK consumers.

Total search volumes in the past 12 months

Apr-10 2,767,512 Oct-10 1,624,125
May-10 2,688,629 Nov-10 1,612,523
Jun-10 2,386,433 Dec-10 802,519
Jul-10 2,532,296 Jan-11 1,274,899
Aug-10 2,533,796 Feb-11 929,869
Sep-10 1,289,919 Mar-11 853,644

Source: Greenlight/Google Adwords

In September 2010, there was a significant development regarding Google AdWords. In that month, Google rolled out its new AdWords keyword tool, which calculates searches purely on searches alone. Previously, Google released UK search volumes accounting for searches on its search engine and its search partner engines. As Google presented data across a number of search engines, search volumes for many keywords were greater than they appeared in September and thereafter.

Top ten keywords (2010)

- Bingo - Casino - Poker - Online bingo - Free bingo - Online casino - Bet - Free poker - Bingo sites - Online poker
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