Is your Website an Endangered Species?

Ten non-SEO guru tips to protect your sites from future Google Panda updates.

HAVE YOU BEEN HIT by the recent Panda update? If you escaped, maybe you are a little nervous as to whether your sites will be hit by Panda II, III, IV, or V?

If you are fed up with trying to trick Google, here are some tips which may help you to build content which both your ting traffic and Google actually want.

1) Stop building bad quality content

In the attempt to rank for volume keywords, many affiliates have built hundreds of sites and thousands of pages of, in the most, pretty poor content for the reader. The words are there purely to get the page ranked, with little care as to whether they are actually read, as long as a percentage of traffic clicks straight through to sign-up. This has worked in the past but in the future, content which isn't read, let alone shared, is unlikely to be seen amongst the top pages of Google.

2) Get passionate people to build content for you

People who are passionate about the subjects you cover on your site will enjoy writing about them and will naturally produce good content. At, we have given a group of bloggers a platform to write about what they love. Together they generate hundreds of pages of quality content per day. People who find the content actually want to read it because it's genuine and interesting and, due to point i) above, there isn't much of that type of content out there.

3) You will no longer be able to game social links effectively

Putting up a page of content, bookmarking the page yourself and sharing it on a couple of social sites won't continue to fool the mighty Google. It looks as though the search engine giant is spreading the factors it uses to determine if your page is liked by genuine visitors. As well as increasing the volume of social indicators it looks at, it now looks likely that Google will assess the range, quality (authority) of the social accounts 'liking' or sharing a page of content. The spreading of these factors looks set to continue in the future.

4) How user generated content builds your social links

The bloggers who love writing for OLBG gain us regular social links. As mentioned earlier, passionate writers are proud of what they write and they want to share it with their friends and followers so they tweet it, bookmark it or share it on Facebook and other social networks, from where their followers then 'retweet' and re-share creating a vast e-word-of-mouth network.

5) Building your own keyword backlinks is becoming an even more dangerous business

As Google advances in determining what is likely to be a natural link, surely the time spent trying to 'game' this becomes far too great? Wouldn't you be better investing this time just building content which does gain natural links?

6) Good quality, genuine unique content still gets linked to

By way of example, picks up brand new fresh links from other websites every day. Aside from the social links mentioned above, the blogs at OLBG gain links from other webmasters sharing alternative opinions to their viewers. Authority sites such as the BBC and Daily Mail link to the blogs as well, to allow their viewers more background reading/ different viewpoints on the subjects they are interested in.

7) Easy links are almost worthless

As Panda seemed to downgrade the value of content on some article submission sites and/or so called content farms, so too is it likely that the power of the links from these sites has been downgraded too. On the assumption that the harder the link is to gain, the more value it is likely to have, is there any point wasting time trying to gain easy links?

8) Use news and trending stories to gain links not traffic

We see a huge amount of'news' put out by affiliates targeting specific keyword terms with the hope of generating betting accounts. In our experience, efforts on news type content would be far better spent trying to write awesome unique content on trending topics with the aim of that content being good enough to be linked to.

9) Have content on your site discussing the latest topics

Building a community of people interested in your subject area will, of course, automatically generate lots of discussion about the latest trending topics. Live search results are becoming of more interest to people and are being used more by Google. This content won't only rank better in search in the future, latest opinions are more likely to get shared and linked to as well.

10) People who are buying don't care what you think

Most of us want to read reviews from people who have actually bought and used the products or services we are interested in and, ideally, people we know or whom we know are respected. Genuine discussions about bookmakers on our forums or the user generated reviews on our bookmaker review pages are far more powerful than any sales-like content we could write.
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