...who in the land has the strongest global SEO strategy of them all?

ENSURING YOUR WEBSITE gets noticed in a foreign market can be tough work Local competition, linguistic barriers and cultural differences can all contribute to the success or failure of your website's international reach.
Here are three top tips to ensure online success in the competitive global marketplace:

1. Localisation

First and foremost, all search engines -from Google through to Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia - prefer localisation. !r. ircer :: perform well in competitive markets you need to analyse both your local and global competition in each target market For example, some search engines prefer that sites are hosted locally, with country-specific domain names.

2. Don't just translate your keywords - think like your target audience

Don't base keyword research solely on translations from English to a particular language, neither for PPC nor SEO. Oban recently found that there was a perfect' German translation of a particular technology term but it registered only 140 monthly searches. Our German team identified an alternative term, which had over 40,000 searches a month.

3. Socialise efficiently - it's not all Facebook and Twitter

Social Media can be a great marketing tool, however, it is used very differently across
the globe. The below SNS Chart shows that global Social Networking platforms are as varied as the people using them. For example, in China, QQ.com is by far the most popular social networking site, whereas, our good old friends Facebook and Twitter are banned. To maximise the effects of social media marketing, make sure that your social media strategy is specifically tailored to the region and market you are targeting.

When it comes to taking your website to a foreign market, the one key fact to remember is that localisation is the most important part of international search engine optimisation and marketing. Every country uses the Internet and searches differently, and the differences can be huge. By researching the culture, the language, and the political and religious views of a region, as well as the Internet trends, businesses will be able to develop an effective and successful online marketing strategy for the market they are aiming for. Global success doesn't have to be a fairy tale.

Gobal Social Networking Platforms

Social Networking Sites
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