“The future is always interesting,” says Jochen Dickinger, Board member at AG, but that nothing is of more importance to his company than the present. What we can expect from for the remainder of 2012

Let's start with the background to your affiliate program and how it directly benefits your overall business.
We started the affiliate program in November 2005 and, since then, we have been welcoming new partners every day. In addition, I believe that part of the reason behind the program’s success are the family values that are employed throughout every sinew of the company. Integrity and openness is very apparent resulting in people being very secure about where they stand both within the company and as a strategic partner.

In terms of how it has affected the business, with the aid of our affiliate program partners we have managed to significantly increase brand awareness in recent years, establishing the brand as a reliable partner in the gambling industry. The program therefore makes a significant contribution to the continuation of our growth curve.

The last couple of years have seen significant growth for sportsbetting businesses. What sort of year was 2011 for
2011 was a successful year for the company. We achieved sales in betting and gaming of around €1.78 billion, which is in comparison to €1.48 billion the previous year. Gross gaming revenue (betting wagers less betting winnings), the key number in online gaming, increased to approximately €73 million in contrast to €66 million in 2010. At our offices in Austria, Germany, Malta and Gibraltar, we have 200 highly qualified and motivated staff and we have 2.8 million (as of May 2012) registered and satisfied customers.

"Ultimately, affiliates are happy when they feel that a program is rewarding them for their efforts and is likely to continue doing so for the long run”
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