We profile some of the sportsbooks serving the Asian market to gauge the type of products they offer as well as gaining insight as to why a number of Asian-facing sportsbooks are licensing on the island’s shores

The Asian love affair with the Isle of Man

Gambling is a normal part of life among many Asian communities, so much so that it is considered to be a part of their culture. It is so deeply ingrained that it has become an accepted form of social intercourse. There is a saying in China that “a little gambling is good for the health, but too much can drive you mad.”

Asian operators have long been attracted to the West, lured by the lucrative customer base and by the natural fit with the propensity for the Asian market to gamble on the English Premier League. Football, it would seem, and the ability for real-time, in-play betting is increasingly popular and starting to rival some of the more traditional Asian games.

Asian businesses are constantly innovating and seeking ways and means
to bring their existing gaming portfolios to an increasingly global audience and the Isle of Man has been identified as the country of choice by a growing number of Asian operators. SBOBET, Cube (188BET), ONEworks, 12BET and Sports Market Manx have all established themselves on the island, not to mention the latest Isle of Man Licence Holder, Xela, who sees the island as an ideal location from which to realise its ambitions to expand its businesses.
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