Sports Betting Secrets Everyone Should Know

Expert picks are great guidelines but you shouldn’t rely completely on an educated guess when you make your wagers

In 2014, more than half of the adult population wagered on the Super Bowl. From sports books to casual office pools, fans bet an estimated $10 billion on this single game. Rapper Birdman placed $5 million on a Patriot win and lost it all. Losses are inevitable in sports betting, but a few tips can make sure you win more often.

Sports analysts spend a lot of time studying the statistics and numbers throughout the season so that they can accurately predict the outcome of future games. The industry’s top experts rarely meet an accuracy rate of more than 50%. Even computer betting systems fall short of perfection. AccuScore, for instance, is the system that powers many prediction forecasts including ESPN, CBS Sports, and Yahoo Sports and it is one of the most accurate with a success rate of about 55%. Expert picks are great guidelines but you shouldn’t rely completely on an educated guess when you make your wagers.

#1: The Underdog May Come Out on Top

Analysts and handicappers examine player abilities, recent game trends, and similar facts to decide which team has the best odds of winning. Other factors, such as the team’s drive or new play developments, affects the outcome of the game as well. It’s not very likely that the lowest ranked team will beat the team in the number one spot, but with a good point spread, underdog bets have great potential.

#2: Parlay Cards Aren’t the Answer

A reputable Sports Book allows players to wager on sporting events, political campaigns, awards shows, and more. There are also a variety of betting options available for each event. Parlay cards are popular with many sports games because of their attractive payouts. With a parlay card, a better can wager on multiple games with a single bet. If all the selections win, the payout is rather impressive. If just one team loses their game, however, the player wins nothing.

#3: Several Bets Are Better than One

It is tempting to put your entire bankroll on a ‘sure thing’, but there are no definite wins in sports betting. The best way to make sure you walk away with a profit is to place several small bets and not one large one. Payouts on smaller bets are less, but the odds of winning continue to improve with each wager.
Whether you’re new to sports betting or a seasoned sports book player, wagering on your favorite events and matches is fun and exciting. If you pay attention to the secrets above, it can also be profitable.
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How to Get an Edge on Horse Race Betting

Basic horse race betting is fairly simple

Basic horse race betting is fairly simple. When you get to the teller, say the name of the racetrack (if it’s not the one you’re betting at), the race number, followed by how much you want to bet, the kind of bet you want to place and the number of the horse.

An example bet might be “Santa Anita, race four, $2 for #3, #7 and #5 to show.” If you want to do well with horse race betting, you’ll need to read the racing program quickly, and make some snap decisions. Long term success is not determined by choosing winners alone, and the key to big money in horse racing is your ability to figure out when a long shot is a sure shot.

Don’t Go in Blind

If this is your first time betting, visit the website for the track you’re going to. Whether you are betting in a casino or race track setting ask for tip sheets and programs. Tip sheets are picks that are favored by the handicappers at the race.

The program is useful as an insiders magazine, a place for you to read interviews, commentary and other indicators of past performance. Use handicapping software to help determine which picks will be most profitable for you throughout the day. Get to know anything you can that would help you form a picture of the horses you want to bet on. There will be multiple races for you to bet on, so pace yourself and choose races that you have thoroughly vetted.

Listen to the Simulcast Commentator

In addition to your handicap tip sheet, you can usually find televisions at the track or in the casino. The commentary provided by race track announcers is often useful, and can include up to the minute information that the program may not contain.

Play the Odds

The highest rated horse and jockey combinations often do win the races, so use the race program to help narrow down your choices. Obviously you want the highest payout, so compare the odds listed for each horse with the racing program to see if how that horse and rider combo stacks up against the completion. Try “Show” bets if you are not sure that you can choose a single horse to win.

Don’t Stick to Favorites

Statistically speaking, horses that are favored to win often do, but the long shots make or break a good exotic better. Horses with a smaller than average chance of winning often pose the threat of upset, where your bet on the favored horses is upset when the long shot catches up. A quick tip is to scan the racing sheet for horses that are expected to show, but not win.

Long Term Tips

Long-term success in horse racing is about determining which horses are likely to place, and in what order. First build consistency by choosing winners. As you frequent your track, try to talk with the trainers you find there. In a casino setting, use the data you have from your day of betting to look up horses and racers on a computer so that you can learn more about their methods.

The most important advice is to enjoy the day outside. The excitement of watching fit horses race one another, and the heat of the finish, are great excuses to go outside with family and friends.

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How to KO the Bookmakers

We’ll now take a look at some key tips that could help improve your profits from boxing drastically.

Out of all of the sports that you can bet on, it would be fair to say that boxing grabs much less attention than others. This could be for a number of reasons – with the biggest probably being that fights between the elite are simply few and far between. Nevertheless, everyone knows that there is a huge amount of money involved in the sport and thus, it’s possible for you to make large sums if you can get your boxing betting offers strategy correct.

We’ll now take a look at some key tips that could help improve your profits from boxing drastically.

Tip #1 Analyze recent form

This is probably the most obvious tip when it comes to boxing betting. Whether you are betting on tennis, football, horse racing or rugby – you need to analyze the form. As boxers partake in few fights every year, you probably only have to look back two or three duals to get a good understanding of the position they’re in. Don’t just look at their win-loss record either – look how they won or lost, and who it was against. You must delve into the details to give you the best possible chance of extracting the most information ahead of the fight.

Tip #2 Look at the boxing style of both men

Some boxers are brutes, others rely on speed and technique. You should have a firm understanding about the styles of both boxers in the fight and then use the form analysis you have just conducted to see how they have fared against similar opponents. If you can see that a boxer such as Nikolay Valuev always struggles against fast opponents, such as David Haye, then make sure you look for some value bets involving a victory for the smaller fighter.

Tip #3 Take the venue into account

It could be argued that the venue in boxing is more significant than in any other sport. If you see that one of the boxers is fighting in their hometown, they have been gifted with a fantastic advantage. Not only will they have their home crowd right behind them, but there is a suggestion that they may receive favourable decisions by the hometown judges. Of course, the bookmakers are fully aware of this situation and this means that you may struggle to extract value whenever you back the “home” choice.

Tip #4 Review what the fight means for both men

This is really something open to your interpretation and again highlights why you must have a good understanding of boxing and its politics if you are serious about making a decent profit. Due to the staggering amounts of money that are involved in sports betting, some fighters will merely arrange encounters just to coin in as much money from PPV views as possible. Some of these may be aiming for one last payday and you may have to analyse a lot of information to see if any of the participants falls into such a category. Look at his age, his recent comments and conclude whether you think he really is interested in succeeding in this fight – or if he is merely looking to turn up and collect his bumper pay cheque.
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