The Rise of Mobile Gambling in Sports: Changing Perceptions and Ideals

As this trend continues we will see more and more people switching over to mobile gambling from other forms

Historically, gambling has polarised opinions and suffered from a number of damaging misconceptions. From images of smoke-fuelled and dimly lit rooms to crowded bookmakers, gambling has always been plagued by negative connotations and faced criticism from individuals throughout the world. The rise of mobile gaming has been as impactful as it has been pronounced, however, with the result that it managing to change perceptions and create an entirely new image for the gambling sector as a whole.

The popularity of mobile gaming is even beginning to sway lawmakers, with a growing number of authorities now legalising the practice and looking to monetise it for the benefit of society. While the growth and impact of mobile gambling cannot be disputed, however, the reasons behind its rise are diverse and intriguing. The main advantage offered by mobile gambling is convenience, while the improved graphic capabilities and audio capacity of modern smartphones means that participants can now enjoy an immersive and realistic experience from the comfort of their own home.

With this in mind, it is clear that technology is the key facilitator of mobile gambling. Aside from the advancement of smartphone designs and mobile applications, higher performance components are also contributing towards a more engaging experience. While this may make online betting more enjoyable and accessible, however, it does not explain how mobile platforms and brands have helped to change perceptions and alter opinions.

The main factor behind this is the creative thinking that has been applied by marketers involved in the sector, as they have capitalised on the fact that gambling has now been removed from a smoke-filled casino environment and been proactive in associating their brands with popular and reputable sporting figures.

This makes for a potent cocktail of success, and one that will continue to popularise mobile gambling and elevate it to an entirely new level.

Mobile gambling is more popular than ever. Improvements in technology and the prevalence of smartphones are rapidly transforming the industry. Faster internet speeds saw casinos being taken from physical locations and into people’s homes. Now with cheap mobile plans gambling is going from computers into people’s palms, allowing them to gamble anywhere at anytime.

Why is Mobile Gambling Becoming so Popular?

The main benefit of mobile gambling all boils down to convenience. In many ways mobile gambling has an edge over gambling from a desktop PC or laptop as these require people to be in a dedicated location. With a mobile phone anyone with a few minutes to spare can quickly go into an application like Euro Palace mobile casino and begin playing in moments.

While convenience is the main reason people are flocking to mobile gambling, the big facilitator is technology. Smartphones and tablets offer large touchable screens that can display rich graphics, while fast processing power and high-speed internet connections also make gameplay quick and seamless.

People use their mobile devices not just for communication and business but also for entertainment. Mobile gambling is simply another outlet for people to entertain themselves through their devices. Sports betting using mobile devices is also on the rise as people enhance their sports-watching by placing real time bets and keeping an eye on the odds as games develop.

The Rise of Gambling Apps

Gambling apps have been a major success story for the gambling industry. Apps allow a user to have instant access to the gambling platform with one touch of a button, meaning they don’t have to go through a website and sign in to begin playing. Having apps preloaded also leads to more mobile gambling as the app is a consistent reminder that playing is only one touch away.

Gambling through apps can often be a more immersive experience, and combined with a touch screen they can provide a more interactive environment. The gambling industry also marked down a big win when the worlds largest app store, Apple’s App Store, allowed real money gambling apps to be downloaded.

Many UK gambling sites have seen a significant rise in the proportion of revenues coming from apps. William Hill for example saw a 298 percent increase over a one year period between 2012 and 2013. Gambling through apps now equates to 34 percent of all revenues for the UK-based company.

The Future of Online Gambling

The mobile gambling industry is currently taking in over $10 billion in profits each year and this figure is expected to continue rising. The huge available profits mean businesses in the gambling industry are willing to invest greater amounts and release innovative new products that will continue to drive growth.

Smartphones and mobile internet haven’t quite reached ubiquity yet however every year more people are upgrading their phones and spending more time on mobile devices. Mobile computing is still a growing market whereas the PC and laptop markets are beginning to stagnate. As this trend continues we will see more and more people switching over to mobile gambling from other forms.
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