Software provider, CTXM, has announced the addition of its casino games system to seven domains running on the Cake Poker Network.

CTXM stated that its casino games system is available for instant-play through a download or client with online poker sites KakuyPoker.com, WingNPIay.com, PokerXRC.com and PokerPlayerCafe.com now featuring software from the Latvia-based firm. In addition, BroadwayTables. com, UnleashedPoker.com and Poker4Green.com have added online casino sub-sites utilising CTXM software.

"We share the same corporate values as CTXM and have a complementary business model, which makes our partnership a natural one," said Andrew Turner, Marketing Director for the Cake Network.

"We believe that providing casino games alongside poker assists our partners in differentiating the poker players' experience and maximising their players' value."
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