"I think that sport is in danger," said Jacques Rogge.

THE INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that it is to establish a special task force to coordinate the fight against illegal betting and match-fixing.

The revelation was made by Jacques Rogge, President of the IOC, at a recent conference held at the organisation's headquarters in Lausanne that was attended by sports leaders, politicians and licensed betting operators as well as the Interpol international police agency.

"I think that sport is in danger," said Rogge. "Illegal betting is on the rise and we absolutely have to fight that. We have no issue with legal betting. Betting on sporting events is as old as sport itself. Reputable betting firms are our allies in this effort and we are pleased that they are represented here today. The legitimate sports gambling industry is built on a foundation of confidence in the integrity of sport. If that confidence is shaken, the entire industry is threatened.

"We also fully appreciate the fact that the legal structures governing sportsbetting vary widely from country to country. Some countries prohibit all forms of sportsbetting. Others sponsor national lotteries that help pay for sport programmes and other worthy causes."
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