This article looks at a handful of techniques I have learnt in recent months to be effective in helping your SEO

WHILE THERE ARE NO REAL SECRETS in SEO, this article does reveal some of the biggest secrets in the industry. As ever, all my recommendations come with the following caveats.

• I do not claim to know exactly how Google works.
• I do not claim to be able to see the future.
• I do not claim to have a 'pet' Google engineer.
• I do not claim to have magical powers.

Everything I recommend is purely what I believe to be true, based on isolated and gestalt analysis, plus 13 years of experience.

This is what I prescribe in my working day and recommend based on its success.

No website, no problem

If you want to get started with your SEO but don't yet have a website, no problem! SimpLv buv a domain. Now redirect it to either one of your other domains or even a competitor, making sure the theme is Kke-for-like. Now start link building to the redirect.

I recommend building a natural blend of domam/URL/brand anchor text for several months with lots of adaptations covering off all the canonical variations. Once your site is ready to go live, simply upload your shiny new site to where the 301 redirect had been previously and wait for five to seven days.

Your site will gain the authority of several months of link activity even though it's brand new. We used this technique ¦A hen launching a brand new casino last year and it worked beautifully and got us up and rurrning with depositing players far quicker than if we'd waited for the site to be ready before starting.

You can even monitor the ranking irr.rrovemenl of the temporary site which you're using as target content prior to uploading your site. Watch your shiny new site hit the floor running and watch the target site you were using to get the ball rolling drop like a stone to where it had been previously.

I used this trick with one of the wodd's biggest sports books when they launched their casino brand, and it worked beautifully.

Got a Caffeine/variable position/ Mayday Penalty?

If your rankings were impacted last April/ May or you have noticed a sudden drop in which only one keyword was impacted, it's possible that you have a penalty associated with that URL for the specific keyword. Here's how you get rid of it and get back to the glory days before your ranking dropped. 301 redirect the page - problem solved!

If it's a deep page it's easy.

Redirect to

http: / /examplecasino. com/play-roulette, html

replacing the underscore with a hyphen.

For homepages penalties
http: // /

You have a number of redirection options
1) Redirect to a new domain (
2) Redirect to a sub-domain (online.
3) Redirect to a sub folder (examplecasino. com/en).

To speed the redirection up, you may also want to submit the old sitemap to force the redirects into Google.

This is a very quick and easy fix and will get your site ranking back in its previous position. If it doesn't fix the problem, it's pretty safe to say that you weren't suffering from this type of penalty.

It's important that the diagnosis is correct before using this fix. I would only recommend following this prescription if a specialist in data-driven, forensic SEO had diagnosed the problem, particularly if your site is a sportsbook or focuses on the long-tail.

Keeping your linking patterns natural

While this isn't a trick, it's more a strategic consideration, it is an evasive move to protect you from the trick which I believe Google will pull off this year.

There are two basic types of linking patterns:

1) Artificial
2) Natural

OK, so you're hoping that whatever you're up to is perceived as entirely natural. There are a few fundamental differences between an artificial and a natural linking pattern.

Starting with artificial, see how the link patterns evolve: (See images 1-4)

Now let's look at the natural linking pattern: (See images 5-10)

See the difference? Natural Hnking patterns evolve and continue to proliferate after the link is picked up and indexed. Of course, some links will fail to proliferate, but that's why filters are given thresholds. By this, I mean a percentage of links continue to be cited building links back to the linking page.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure your linking pattern looks more like the latter.

1) Engage with bloggers, build genuine relationships.
2) Link bait and do it well - stats, research, infographics, etc.
3) Release genuine news and PR for both industry and consumer news.

There are many other things you can do to generate natural linking patterns but buying links isn't one of them. Google will be in a very strong position to filter unnatural linking patterns and I genuinely expect it will happen soon.


I hope you've found this information useful, if you have any specific questions, feel free to mail or tweet me personally.


Always seek professional advice before hiring an SEO agency or building an in-house team.

• Picking a keyword is picking a fight.
• Don't pick a fight unless you're sure you can win.
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