some pointers on how to create your link building roadmap

Phase 1: requirements and planning

What do you want to rank for?
It’s very easy to just go ‘I want to rank for online casino’, but in reality, unless you have truckloads of cash and a good site, or you are a really hard-core spammer, then it’s unlikely you will get into the top five (SERPs) for a huge money phrase. So, it makes sense to just aim lower and go for a niche you know has a decent revenue stream and work it out from there.

The next question is: ‘what’s a good niche?’ In my view, it’s one where revenue per user is good, and competition is low. There are betting phrases you could go for, but the revenue per user for an affiliate is probably only £15 a year, assuming 25 percent commission and gambler losses of, say, /50 to /60 a year.

So for me, sportsbetting isn’t a great place to start. I really like casino, and variations of it. Things like slots, or names of casino games are interesting; not great volume, but nice revenues and a good place to start small and work your way from there.

Casino phrases in the UK should bring you an average of £150 per conversion in affiliate revenue share.
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