Dr Mark Griffiths, Professor of Gambling Studies at Nottingham Trent University, provides a brief psychosocial overview of in-play betting

FOR THOSE OF us who watch football on the television in the UK, it is almost impossible to watch a game without seeing the many gambling adverts alerting us to the fact we can now bet on over 60 in-play markets while watching the game. Should I wish to, I can bet on everything from who is going to score the first goal, what the score will be after 30 minutes of play, how many yellow cards will be given during them game and/or in what minute of the second half the first free kick will be awarded. What’s more, it has been estimated that 2012 will see 3,000 live events a month on which punters can bet. There are also sporting events that may come to the fore in the in-play market (with betting on cricket and tennis being ones that I would pick out to rival the dominance of the football markets).
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