The biggest growth driver for sportsbetting in recent years has been the proliferation of in-play betting, widely cited as the new battleground for European sportsbooks

Here, we examine the industry’s first in-play betting report, carried out by GamblingData, which provides a unique insight into the companies at the forefront of the real-time wagering phenomenon that is driving huge growth across the sector

IN BECOMING THE new battleground on which sportsbooks now compete against each other both online and via mobile, in-play betting has established itself as the key revenue driver for most, if not all adoptive sportsbetting operators. However, until recently, there had been little independent market research that could allow us to better understand the impact of this dynamic market trend on the nature of betting and the strategies that operators now implement as a result.

The first research of its kind to surface was released in September 2011, published by GamblingData in conjunction with Sporting Solutions. The ‘In-Play Betting Report’ sought to examine the growth of live betting in two parts: a qualitative analysis of the in-play offering of five leading sportsbooks in tandem with an examination of the impact that in-play is having on the sector itself.

Since then, GamblingData has issued an updated version (Winter 2012 In-Play Tracker) that comprises eight companies over an extended 14-day period to gain a more developed insight into the average number of markets and events that today’s betting operators are offering.

In providing statistics from GamblingData’s Winter 2012 In-Play Tracker (IPT), we can see that live sports streaming has becomfe an integral component of today’s in-play betting offerings; the report detailing how the volume of events streamed by the leading sportsbook operators is matching the rate of overall in-play growth.

In its inaugural quarterly IPT report, GamblingData found that Bet365 led the way in terms of both sports covered and events offered within its in-play proposition, while William Hill was observed to offer the most in-play markets per event.
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