Knowing what your competitors’ backlink profiles look like is key to understanding how to outrank them in the SERPs and where to draw the line in your link-building efforts

However, before doing so you need to be able to differentiate the spam from the good, and make sure you are focusing on the right sites. This article will explain how to do so.

WE HAVE ALL been there: we have a quick check at the SERPs for our money¬making keywords and a few sites seem to be constantly outranking us. How can these terrible sites outrank us? Why can’t we beat them? These questions are more than legitimate, and possibly the best starting point for an effective SEO strategy and link- building campaign. However, focusing and trying to emulate the wrong kind of sites can make you lose focus, time, money or, even worse, your beloved money-making websites, due to some serious penalties or to the effects of Google’s recent Penguin update. Therefore, the first step of every serious backlink analysis should concern the choice of our target competitors.

In this article, we will go through a simple process you can follow to understand who to compare yourself with, how to quickly create the right competitors’ roster and how to gather all the data you need to finally identify your real competitors.
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