Search traffic trends within the gaming sector for the month of February

Here, we can see the latest from the UK market in relation to search queries for the traditional iGaming verticals: casino, poker, bingo and sportsbetting

THE MOST RECENT monthly report from search marketing agency, Greenlight, details a continuation of the plateau in search activity as reported in its quarterly report in June гоп. February’s figures have reported another decrease in overall search volumes having fallen from 798,000 searches (as detailed in our October/ November issue) to 736,470, which replaces July’s total as the second lowest monthly figure we’ve reported since July 2010, when over 2.5 million searches were accounted for.

February’s data set shows that bingo (288,883) has reclaimed its position as the most searched keyword, or at least, the term with the most cumulative searches with regards to variations (online bingo/ free bingo/bingo, etc). Poker slips back into second place and is significantly down on the previous report, driving a mere 193,411 searches in comparison to July’s 277,120, with sportsbetting (131,457) and casino (122,719) making up the remainder of the combined total.

As we have discussed in the past, we can attribute the decrease in search volumes to any number of factors, one of the likeliest being the changing search patterns of the UK betting demographic.

As consumers become more aware of how they navigate between the sites they use to bet or play at, their reliance on search engines decreases for short-tail terms such as those detailed here, but may increase for more specific, longer-tail keywords for which is it almost impossible to monitor and chart successfully. Many of the searches recorded for these core keywords such as ‘bingo’, ‘casino’ and ‘poker’ are more likely to be the reserve of those new to betting online, or those seeking information rather than ‘action’, hence the constant presence of Wikipedia in the Greenlight results.

The results for sportsbetting are also slightly muddied by the presence of short-tail terms such as ‘bet’ and ‘betting’ which although are grouped into the sports results, don’t necessarily represent accurate sports betting traffic.

Summary of data

• Searches for gaming-related keywords in February 2012 totalled 736,470, down roughly 61,000 on the previous reporting period (798,000).
• In February, bingo-related terms (288,883) accounted for the significant majority share of searches made. Poker- related terms (193,411) although notably decreased, still accounted for the second highest search group.
• Overall, in February,, and were the three most visible websites in natural search achieving 23%, 21% and 20% share of voice, respectively.
• CheekyBingo maintained its lead as the most visible website for bingo-related search terms albeit at a slightly decreased share of voice of 59% (compared to 61% in July).
• was the most visible website for all casino-related keywords, achieving a 49% share of voice.
• For poker-related queries, Wikipedia was the most visible website, attaining a 43% share of voice down from 49% in July.
Betfair was the most visible website for sportsbetting related terms, although it has a markedly smaller share of voice at 38% compared to 56% in the last reporting period.
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