Bonuses and easy deposits are a given, but did you know that customer support, trust and technology also go a long way with online players?

ONLINE PLAYERS ARE much more discerning than you might think. Sure, they love the thrill of gambling and making cash from a smoking poker hand, but they do have specific wants and needs from the online gaming experience that you can help to provide.

This article looks at ten things that your players care about; you might be surprised at what you find.

1. Trustworthiness

Online gamers love the risk of playing games where they may or may not make a profit - that’s the whole excitement of gambling. However, the casino needs to be trustworthy. If a casino offers deals that sound too good to be true, or payouts that are abnormally large, a player is likely to leave the site.

2. Customer support

The quality of customer support offered by an online casino speaks volumes. A casino that offers poor customer support is either in bad financial shape or doesn’t value its customers - both of which will turn players away.

3. Bonuses

Online casinos are all competing with each other and offer bonuses to new and existing players to keep them on their site. Gamers know all about these bonuses, and tend to frequent the casinos that are consistently offering good (but believable) deals.

4. Easy deposits and withdrawals

Gamers are ultimately in it for the cash, and are likely only to play at casinos that
have a proven record of easy deposits and withdrawals. Some casinos make player accounts very difficult to get money in and out of. Make sure the casinos you work with offer different methods that are easy and effective to use.

5. High-tech

There is nothing more boring to an online gamer than playing last year’s games. Players love casinos that stay on the cutting edge of gaming and offer things such as live dealers, virtual chat rooms where they can converse in real-time with dealers and other players and advanced graphics on slot games.

“A casino that offers poor customer support is either in bad financial shape or doesn’t value its customers - both of which will turn players away”

6. Popularity of casino

Who likes to play alone? Gamers love playing on casinos that have thousands of players logged in at any given time. A large customer base means the casino is trusted by users, offers high-tech games that players are looking for, and indicates that the casino is in good financial standing.

7. Learning gaming strategies

Gamers who want to stay on top of their game love learning new ways to do so. Provide newsletters, blogs, tweets, articles,
etc, that address gaming strategies and how your players can improve their technique. This will not only benefit your players but if the information you provide is of good quality, it’s likely to be shared - increasing traffic back to your site.

8. Ways to save money

A gambler looking for ways to save money on gambling may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s not. Gamers love strategies that help them set aside a portion of their winnings to keep playing - leading to the possibility of more wins. Again, provide information on your website, blog, social networks, about money-saving strategies, and you will keep your users informed and returning.

9. Trust in your research

Your users put a lot of faith in the casinos you recommend, and you need to make sure that every casino you are directing them to is trustworthy, competent and provides the best gaming experience. Just as you would recommend a reputable casino, let your players also know which casinos have come under the radar and are questionable. This will build further trust.

10. Gratitude

If repeat players are coming to your site and are following your blog, tweets, YouTube videos, etc, be sure to show your gratitude. Provide updated content (preferably daily) to educate and entertain, offer bonuses and holiday promotions, and give your users a reason to keep returning to - and recommending - your site.
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