How start-up affiliate programs find good affiliates

IN ASSESSING THIS, there are a few questions that come to mind: where to look for the affiliates, on which websites to recruit them, whether it’s worth spending marketing budget on attending affiliate conferences and if there is an automated way of recruiting affiliates. All of these parameters point to a single question: how does a merchant effectively recruit affiliates into its partner program in order to increase revenues?

To offer affiliates an insight into the other side of the coin, here are five effective ways I would specifically highlight that operators look for when identifying affiliate partners:

1. Use of social media

Spend some time daily on social media when searching for affiliates; choosing the right social media channel is particularly important here. Pay special attention to the geographical area of the affiliates you target. Recent studies indicate that the use of social media channels varies from country to country heavily depending on the nuances of language and culture, thus, it’s worth researching the social media specifics of the market of interest to you.

There are many forums, groups and blogs in social networks that your potential partners might participate in. Join the most adequate groups and start communicating and don’t forget when speaking in a forum to abide by its rules. Avoid spamming, as this can damage your reputation and can adversely affect your presence in the space. Always try to offer value from your side; in return, this can help to develop positive communication with many users. It’s also worth bearing in mind that direct advertising of your affiliate program or spamming comments in social networks would almost certainly lead to you being banned from most forums.

The secret to utilising social networks successfully is simple: you cannot gain more value than what you contribute yourself. Thus, if you bring any realistic value to the spaces in which you have a presence, you will be most welcome.

In the hierarchy of social media, it is worth paying special attention to Twitter; it would be unwise not to lean on its popularity. Most webmasters have a Twitter account and are actively tweeting about their respective activities. Identify them through specific industry keywords and offer and initiate communication.
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