Jeremy Lin, the first player of Taiwanese descent to enter the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the US, went from being in and out of the NBA Development League, to now being in the starting line-up for the New York Knicks

AT THE BEGINNING of February, the Harvard graduate got the opportunity to fill in for one of his teammates. The Knicks were working their way to yet another loss and, out of desperation, their head coach decided to put Lin in the game. Little did he know he would be starting what is now described as "Linmania”. Lin surprisingly led his team to victory and broke an n out of 13 game losing streak. Following this, Lin found himself in six consecutive starting line-ups, and led his team to as many straight wins. And with this, “Linsanity” was created. Jeremy Lin’s tale is more than just a personal interest sports piece; there are plenty of marketing lessons to be learnt from the 23-year-old’s rise to prominence.
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