2003 World Series of Poker triumph turned poker into an Internet phenomenon: Chris Moneymaker

Aside from promoting the new film 'All-In - The Poker Movie’, what other ventures have been keeping you occupied?
I’ve been trying to keep busy. My friend and I are developing a poker/Scrabble iPhone game that is taking up a bit of my time. I also signed a new deal to sponsor a poker room in Erie, Pennsylvania called Prescott Downs, I’m working with a casino in Tunica and I’ve just signed on to be one of the lead instructors at the WPT Boot Camp. I’m still travelling around playing for PokerStars in poker tournaments internationally. So, some of it is lower profile, off the radar stuff but still fun, nonetheless.

How did you get involved in the film?
They came to me five or six years ago. To be honest, when I got the phone call I was happy to have them come out despite the fact I’d already been interviewed for three or four documentaries, but this was the first one I actually saw come to fruition. When I heard back from them and they asked for an interview I said “no problem”. Last year, I got a phone call telling me the premiere was coming up and they wanted me to come out for an interview. At that time I was ‘slam’ busy. April 15th (Black Friday) had just happened and I didn’t really know what was going on. After April 15th, they realised they had to include it in the film so they took the original version of the movie off the shelf, added this part to the story, and re-released it.
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