The search engines leading the markets in the Asian region

“IF YOU MUST play, decide upon three things at the start: The rules of the game, the stakes and the quitting time.” Chinese Proverb In Asia, online gambling is quickly attracting an ever increasing amount of fans, and the majority of industry experts believe that two trends will continue to grow in the continent over the next few years: (i) the growing number of people interested in online gambling and (ii) that Japan will become the second largest market in Asia. Today, Macau is seen as the ‘Asian Las Vegas’ and while some would expect Macau to represent the hub of Asia’s online gambling industry, specialists instead point to Japan, particularly as it is considered the continent’s most technologically up-to-date nation.

On the other hand, an important factor that shouldn’t be ignored is the differing quality of Internet services that exist from country to country. For example, China’s Internet usage is growing but the country has a low penetration rate (40 percent) compared with other countries in the region (Japan at 78 percent and South Korea at 81 percent). When discussing Internet usage, we should also consider the Asian markets from an international online marketing perspective.
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