Insight into the inherent weaknesses in online marketing agencies

TO SUMMARISE FROM my first article, these pitfalls are vendor lock-in, talent retention, faking full service and a lack of joined-up thinking. To put it another way, in part one we looked at how you can get trapped by an agency, lose your daily point of contact or SEO talent, be cross-sold ancillary services under the disguise of'account management’ and why you shouldn’t expect your campaign to be fully integrated.

While all this may sound quite negative or, worse still, a bash at agencies, I feel it’s only fair to temper this second part with some of the positive aspects of large agencies. I guess from my former standpoint as Head of Search at an SEO agency, one of the fantastic up-sides of being part of a team of like minded SEO practitioners is the ongoing daily observation, interpretation and testing of ideas. SEOs enjoy nothing better than to spend time with other SEOs and I was blessed with the opportunity to work alongside some of the smartest and hardest working SEOs I’ve ever known.

So let’s continue with the next three reasons why the agency model is dead (there are actually four more reasons, but the final nail in the agency coffin I can only share with fully Non-disclusured members of the ‘Boy’s Club’ [Media Skunk Works]).
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