Understanding your visitors is key to making them stay and venture further onto your affiliate website.

A visitor coming to any website will ask four basic questions to determine whether he or she wants to engage with you. Respond effectively to all four questions and you have a new user... a conversion. Fail at any of them and your competition gets one instead.

Question 1: Have I come to the right place?

If a visitor to your site is looking for Blackjack strategies, he/she will want to know, “Is this a site that is about card games at all?’’ You have something like 0.2 seconds to answer that question.

With photos, with headlines and text that is easy to scan. Many people I meet who are setting up or redesigning their sites go out of their way to create a ‘unique experience' and find their USPs so they can convince people to love and stay at their site. Here’s a thought: before new visitors try to figure out what makes you so unique, they will try to figure out if you are just like the rest. They will look for common images and text that communicate, “Yes this site is about gaming, how can we help you?” is one of the bigger affiliate sites out there and the first heading on the site simply says: “ONLINE CASINOS REVIEWED & RANKED SINCE 1998!” There’s no way you can misinterpret that.

Question 2: Do they have what I need?

The second question will not be just about whether your site is about card gaming, but specifically, “Do you have those Blackjack strategies which I came for?” Now it’s your job to answer that question through a highly visible search function, by clear entrances to your main content categories and in other ways. The goal is to let the visitor find exactly what they came looking for... or they’ll go away.
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