One of the fundamental aspects of any enterprise in the iGaming industry is that of payments, to ensure the fluidity of cash flow both into and out of your business.

Available options for affiliates in today’s sector, and those that work best in specific markets.

AFFILIATES COME IN all shapes and sizes, from serious professional to ultra casual, and inhabit all corners of the earth. What they share is that they are highly manoeuvrable, and can quickly take their services elsewhere if they are dissatisfied with the delivery of rewards.

Given the variety of verticals and the geographical dispersion of their homes, mastering the art of paying international affiliates is a challenge for affiliate managers. From the perspective of the affiliate, it’s important to understand how you’ll be paid, in what currency, and with what frequency and negotiability. Here, we explore the options and rate their effectiveness, then inevitably explain why some work better than others for some fields and countries, and why.

For the purpose of this discussion, an affiliate can be defined as a person (or company) who directs traffic to a site for a payout or other reward. And I’m going to assume that your prospective affiliate program has a reliable way to identify its affiliates, calculate their rewards, and a dashboard of some kind that presents them with options as to how to receive their compensation. What are the sensible options?

The scope of this summary excludes ‘transfer affiliates’ - that is, affiliates who collect and consolidate funds on behalf of businesses and remit large sums to them in return for a commission. The dynamics involved in the collection of high values from complex remote jurisdictions and subsequent remittance of high value commissions and/or winnings are completely different to those appropriate for more modest payments.
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