How social media is being used in a clever and innovative way for regular player acquisition, high roller acquisition and player retention. The way social media can and does influence the everyday life of people who are now being referred to

IT IS IMPORTANT to bear in mind that there is a great deal of psychology behind online social interactions. By fully understanding the challenges, the audience, the interaction and the engagement, businesses will then be ready to cater completely to the social consumer.

Repay Media, a Denmark-based full service digital marketing agency is run by affiliate marketing experts, Mads Busekist and Rune Lundager. Mads and Rune shared with me some of their techniques for using social media to acquire high rollers. Rune began, “In Denmark there’s a saying ‘show me who your friends are and you show me yourself. That’s the principal behind our
‘Twin Lead Generator’ social media program.”

Working very closely with their gaming clients, Mads and Rune locate existing high rollers through their social media profiles. This can be Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln or any other social channel. Once they find and have access to the players, they are then able to target incentivised surveys, competitions or lotteries at these players, using targeted Facebook advertising. In most cases, the offer is connected to an online survey. None of the ads are directly related to online gaming and all of the ads adhere to the terms and conditions of Facebook’s current advertising policy.

In order to get the offer, the player needs to accept the terms of the Facebook application. From the moment the player accepts the application, the database behind the application is able to capture the player’s full contact details including email and phone number. Also captured within this process is the entire friend list connected to the player. The same ads are then targeted at the friends of the player. Using a number of filtering techniques hidden within the survey, identifying other potential high rollers is carried out.
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