Affiliate Coach reflects on his ever popular Affiliate Coaching and Live Advice session at the recent LAC and also takes a look at some of the sites sent in for review by affiliates.

IF YOU DIDN’T make it to the London Affiliate Conference then you missed out on the best show ever. According to iGaming Business, over 2,800 delegates attended this year’s conference. All of the seminars were well attended with many SEOs including the likes of Bastian Grimm, Dave Naylor, Dave Snyder, Judith Lewis and Peter Young, all presented over the two conference days. Of course, one of the seminars was the live affiliate coaching and advice panel which featured myself along with Kay Schaefer and Frank Hohenleitner from Searchmetrics. This seminar was for gambling affiliates who got the chance to have their website critiqued on the spot. Affiliates could get feedback on their website about marketing and strategies, design, conversion and SEO. For those that missed the session, I will give a summary of some of the topics and requests we handled and I’ll also run through a longer list of affiliates that have sent in requests but due to time constraints, we didn’t get around to critiquing at the show.

Summary of live affiliate coaching and advice panel

This was the second panel we have done on this topic. We had many affiliates submit their sites in advance and we started off with two reviews from that list before we asked affiliates in attendance to submit their site and ask for some advice and feedback. More of the advice came on the technical and SEO aspects and thanks to Frank, we were able to use the Searchmetrics tool to break down some websites in terms of link quality and quantity.
At the show, this affiliate asked for a critique on design. While I spent a bit of time discussing the design - which I didn’t think had much of a problem - Kay and Frank were ready to jump in to discuss SEO issues especially from their link profile as analysed by the Searchmetrics tool. The current link profile had many links coming from non-gambling domains and that were from non-Polish websites. The advice was very direct: stop getting more of these links and start adding more Polish gambling links that are more relevant.

When it comes to design and optimising the page for conversions, this set-up gets a good mark from me. They present information that is easy to scan, there aren’t too many banners flashing in your face and they make use of buttons to guide the user rather than expect the banners to do all of the work. Perhaps the header takes up too much space and adding social media icons and links would be appropriate. In this situation, the SEO work should be their number one priority.
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