How can an affiliate drive loyal traffic with the tools at hand?

THE INTERNET is a free market and, as such, users have the choice to visit any website they deem relevant to their needs. They are free to switch from one website to the next and. with the information overload that users are facing today, they will automatically switch to other websites if they cannot find the information/services they're looking for easily.

Thus, it has become harder than ever before to attract the right users to a website, convert them and keep them loyal. This applies to any website, including large established ones; a case in point is Facebook which has started to suffer from 'user fatigue' and could be facing tough competition from new services such as Google+. It goes to prove that loyalty cannot be assumed but must be earned and nurtured.

Customer loyalty is a crucial element of the success of any company - for gaming operators and affiliates alike. Keeping customers satisfied and up-selling to the same is much easier and less expensive than going after new players especially in increasingly saturated markets.

In the past, both operators and affiliates have, to an extent, adopted a 'leaky bucket' approach where new player acquisition was given a higher priority than retention. Given the increased competition, companies have to be more aggressive in their approach to new customers which is both increasing the cost of acquisition as well as potentially decreasing the lifetime value of the same customers. The offers that are presented to customers to switch from one brand to the next might be damaging the whole industry as more players become bonus hunters. This leads companies to offer increasingly better deals, pushing up the operating costs and dinumshing the overall value of players.

Therefore, it is important to change focus and start looking within the business. Look at the pool of customers you already have, devise ways to keep good players happy and reactivate dormant or inactive accounts. This could easily sound like the job of an operator but an affiliate has to do the same thing to keep players active and keep earning commissions.
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