The European marketplace may hold some key insights for the US gaming brands that are looking to migrate their land-based operations to the iGaming sphere.

WHILST THE FUTURE of online gambling in the United States continues to remain in limbo, speculation continues to mount regarding the potential role affiliates will play post-regulation. What is an ever-evolving probability is that the choice of operator partners affiliates will have to choose from will change dramatically from this point onwards. It is likely that this new look will involve some of the land-based giants who have dominated Nevada and Atlantic City for many a year, whether it be hardware giants such as IGT or WMS, their B2C web properties or casino groups such as Caesars Entertainment.

I do not wish to lend what would only be educated guesswork as to the importance affiliates will play in a regulated US market at this stage, or indeed fathom potential commission structures and alternative revenue streams that existing affiliates might be able to look forward to. Instead, I would like to analyse the practicalities for online affiliates to understand when working with land-based brands converging with the online environment by looking at what has happened across the Atlantic.
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