We explain how we analysed the site and find areas for improvement

NOT ALL AFFILIATES I critique are enthusiastic about their topic or eager to pot in the necessary time to fix things. Mitko. the affiliate, explained how long the site has been up and running for, and the nature of the content and the results (which is traffic but no conversions). The website uses the Wordpress content management system (CMS) with a paid theme/ template. Since this is a site focusing on football (soccer) and is a sportsbetting information site, I brought in Dealer Dan from, who has more experience in sportsbetting and, later on, Kay Schaefer who is an SEO for

Before we explain how we analysed the site and find areas for improvement, you can hear from Mitko himself on our work: "Before John. Dealer Dan and Kay came along. 1 used to focus mostly on football previews and, although they included betting tips, the sitemap and the keywords targeted mostly visitors that did not care about betting. They literally opened my eyes, and I started focusing more on sportsbook promotions, changing the whole sitemap, and the structure of my posts. We also worked on few design tweaks like the Top i o Sportsbooks widget, plus some inner Knlring. The result? For two years, 1 made almost nothing; very few sign ups, and even less deposits. However, since these guys started helping me, clicks raised, sign-ups started showing... deposits as well."

The information we needed to get started and identify the problems was a sample of Google analytics data plus a bit of stats feedback from the affiliate programs, such as number of impressions, clicks, sign-ups and deposits. We also used cloud storage to share and update files for collaboration. We discussed every aspect of the website and areas to improve including SE0, content strategies, design and conversion.

Before starting on the website, the analytics data showed around 250 visitors per day but we knew this wasn't converting traffic. The site had a PageRank of two and has been running for two years with very consistent blog posts all about football. An established site like this has potential and will respond faster to changes than a newer site or a neglected one. In this critique, we look at every angle of improving the site and I hope you learn something from this that maybe you can apply to your affiliate site as well.
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