Top tips for earning more from your affiliate programs.

YOU READ IT all the time: anyone can succeed in earning easy money online. While it is true that any affiliate can succeed, it certainly isn’t easy and having a concrete strategy for earning more money from the affiliate programs you promote is far more likely to get you on the road to riches than any get-rich-quick scheme.

With mergers, acquisitions and operators squeezing margins in the iGaming industry, it can be more challenging for affiliates to make a strong case for increasing their commissions. Consider these four tips for earning more from your affiliate programs.

Market across the board

If your business strategy includes creating value by inserting your affiliate links within relative content, then sharing your message across the board becomes almost mandatory for increasing your reach and, ultimately, your return on investment (ROI). (I say if because if your strategy leans more toward posting banners and less toward creating value, then marketing across the board may not have the same positive effect.)

This comes down to a strategy that we often talk about, which is essentially ‘not putting all your affiliate eggs in one basket’. This may mean that you have a blog and then share your content via social media outlets, videos, forums, newsletters and other strategic channels that allow you to spread your message to the masses and increase your opportunity. Keep in mind here that depending on what you promote, your message may do better in one specific venue over another. Therefore, tracking your campaigns becomes an important part of your marketing tactics. Knowing what methods work best for you is not only important to your long-term success but acts as part of your business intelligence, which you will then be able to share with key affiliate programs in your quest to earn more money.

It’s one thing to say that you actively market across the board to consistently attract quality players. It’s quite another to have the metrics that demonstrate how you market across the board and a breakdown of the ROI as well as the acquisition cost per player. Ask most affiliate managers which of the two scenarios would most pique their interest and I would wager the latter kind of affiliate gets more attention.
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