Why mobile marketing is a growing trend.

THE ONGOING GROWTH of the mobile Internet market has been fuelled by the spread of tablet computers. Indeed, the mobile market is expanding every day.

More and more tablets are in use and we are becoming accustomed to using our mobiles as portable gateways to the Internet. It cannot be denied that the use of the mobile or Smartphone is increasing and is used for more complex things than before, especially with the new possibilities created by faster Internet connections and a better user experience on mobile devices.

Despite the fast market growth, many companies still fail to pay sufficient attention to their mobile users. Therefore, there are still great opportunities for affiliates and operators to position themselves as a specialised portal or website.

The two perspectives on mobile SEO

There are two basic trains of thought in how to carry out mobile SEO which divide the approach fundamentally:

The one sub-domain SEO camp

The followers of this camp believe that one URL should be served to mobile and desktop users equally. The visible design will differ between devices through the use of stylesheets to improve the experience of the user, but the content will remain the same.
This approach is obviously easier to develop than two separate sites. One of the main arguments in favour of this version is that link building only has to be done for one URL instead of splitting it up.
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