The path of the Panda: what Google wants.

OKAY, SO LOTS of people have been hammered by Panda, and nobody is feeling it more than affiliates. Combating the drops in rankings is simple in principle, but depending on what your site is like currently, it could mean a lot of work and time for you.

The reason I say it’s simple in principle is because all of you know how to tell the difference between spam and quality. You all know how to look at a website and know if it’s made to target search engines for rankings, or visitors for their user experience.

Google has been saying it for a long time and now with the Panda updates it’s really coming into effect. One thing any decent SEO will agree on, whether they’re white hat, black hat, purple hat or multi-coloured hat, is that Google wants quality and if you feed it anything but, then you’re on a short-term strategy only. Basically, you can’t just have a bunch of meaningless text pages with a few keywords in it anymore.

You need actual value.This is where some people are getting stuck; they’re thinking “Okay, so my content isn’t good enough, so I’ll get it rewritten” but that’s not just what it’s about. What makes your content any different from your competitor’s content? What makes your review of an online gambling site different to another one? If you and another site have both got good copy then why should yours rank above theirs?

You need to do more than just have good copy; you need a good user experience. Think social media, think what will get people clicking on that share button because they think their friends or colleagues might be interested in it too.

If you have a blog, what do you put on it? Industry news? Who shares that? Who even reads that? The only people interested in that stuff is other people in the industry - the punters don’t care, and they don’t want to see it.

So now you say to yourself “What do they want to see?” Well, the same as everybody else; they either want some form of entertainment or they want useful content on, say, how to win... not the same old churned content you get on every website out there but something original, something new. This is where you start to get creative. Here are some examples of what you could do. I’d use them only as examples; if you do these and everybody else is doing it then it won’t work as you’ll all be the same again. You need to think of something different to what the others are doing and not take the easy route here (who ever said SEO was easy?).
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