The regulation of markets in Europe and, more specifically, the US is pointing to a period of convergence that will see US land-based gaming brands integrating with the expertise of the European online operators.

Converting affiliates

So now we have it: the ‘new beginning’. Black Friday heralded the prospect of regulating US online gambling, and we didn’t have to wait very long for the first major deals to be signed, sealed and announced between US land-based giants MGM and Boyd Gaming and European online operator, This menage a trois is the first step towards an integration of European online expertise and US brand recognition, as well as a huge potential client database to go after, once online gambling has been regulated in the US. Rich pickings for some...

This development is not only long overdue, but also sees a way out for what some might regard as the narrow-minded EU approach of having tiny unprofitable national licensing regimes: who cares what the EU Parliament decides once the US market is open? Do people honestly care if Poland is banning online gambling? Do people really care if the German Lander might finally get a grip on reality if the US market is ripe? The answer is clear and the writing is on the wall: go west and leave the highly regulated and fragmented EU landscape behind... welcome to online gambling in Nevada!

But what do these developments mean for affiliates? How will affiliate marketers deal in a highly regulated iGaming industry? And how can affiliates prepare for the convergence of online and land-based gaming brands? Don’t yawn and roll your eyes - it concerns you. Yes, you! It is going to happen you know, (trust me, I’m a lawyer).
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