How affiliates can maximise their earnings during the holidays.

How affiliates can maximise their earnings during the holidays?

WITH THE HOLIDAY season just around the corner, iGaming affiliates are preparing for the time of the year associated with the ringing of yuletide bells and the potential for increased consumer spending. Many affiliate programs are already planning holiday-themed specials, bonuses and promotions. Affiliates who want to leverage this key earning period to reach and convert an increased number of players need to start planning now.

Here are several seasonal tips to help you earn more from your affiliate business during the holiday period.

Pre-holiday planning

One of the best ways to maximise your earning potential during the holidays is to plan early. November is the perfect time of the year to create a concrete marketing strategy. Starting early will allow you the time you need to plan your promotional strategy, build your search engine optimisation and focus on ideally- suited affiliate program partners. When affiliates wait until mid-December to climb on board with the seasonal buzz, the competition is often fierce, making it more challenging to earn more in this coveted Q4 period.

Find the ‘holiday spirit’

During the holidays, many people chase that ubiquitous ‘holiday spirit’. Make sure that you are providing players with that same holiday cheer by promoting the right affiliate programs. This is a good time to review the programs you regularly promote throughout the year, and hone your offers with holiday-themed games, promotions, bonuses and tournaments. It is also an opportune time to seek out new partners, especially ones that have embodied the holiday spirit in their offerings.

Find loyal ‘elves’

Father Christmas ensures that gifts are always delivered on time - no questions asked! This would not be possible without his brand ambassadors - his ‘loyal elves’.

Players have the potential to be brand ambassadors or loyal elves. Often, you may focus on acquiring new players for the holiday season, however, it’s important to recognise that you could already have a goldmine of brand ambassadors. If you happen to have an existing database with contact details for past players from an email campaign or special contest you ran, you can refer to this data to start re-building relationships and invite those former partners to come back this season and take advantage of your offers. They can help spread the word to other players about your special promotions in player communities. Connect with these existing loyal fans and offer something exclusive or provide them with first dibs on your special holiday gifts.
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