THE ONLINE BINGO industry in the UK

THE ONLINE BINGO industry in the UK has enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence in the past four years. The latest BingoPort. Bingo Trends data shows over 300 million in pure UK online bingo turnover in the last quarter coming from over 400,0 unique players.

The potential was always there. Trips to traditional bingo halls have been a staple of many UK families over the last century. The national daily newspapers carried bingo games for decades. Understanding this history is only the beginning of explaining this phenomenon. The relaxing of advertising standards and the introduction of the smoking ban created the perfect storm and has brought us to where we are today.

When looking at who has the largest share of the UK online bingo market, it’s interesting to note that each operator has worn its own path to market share.

Without question, the number one in terms of player nu mbers is Tombola. Having piggybacked on The Sun newspaper for many years, breaking away from this partnership allowed them to grow their player numbers even more. A strong television presence has contributed to this.

Coming from a traditional offline bingo hall background has helped to grow Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo. These two online bingo sites have significant market share due to their strong trustworthy brands around the country.

In a similar vein, traditional high street UK bookmakers have used their strong brands to diversify into bingo, creating new lucrative revenue streams. Those that have successfully branched out include Ladbrokes and William Hill.

Then come the new kids on the block - those that have built an online presence in a matter of years without the foundations of a high street brand. These include industry heavyweights such as Foxy Bingo, Costa Bingo, Jackpot joy and Wink Bingo.

From a bingo player perspective, our research has shown some interesting trends. Even though the online bingo industry is relatively new, players have managed to find and stay loyal to one or two brands. Our latest research report shows that while the majority of online bingo enthusiasts have joined over five real money sites, over half of all players ren win loyal to just one site.

Whilst this would seem to suggest that new operators would find it dif ficult to gain market share, two indicators show that there is still space for serious entrants.

First, our research has shown that ten percent of online bingo players started playing for real money within the last three months. Second, around 50 percent of all players showed a willingness to change their bingo site of choice based on promotions and reactivation campaigns.

Overall, the UK online bingo market continues to grow, predominantly thanks to the continuous stream of new bingo sites that launch each month. Our very strong view is that this will slow to a crawl over the next 12 months followed by continuous mergers and acquisitions and even some site closures by smaller ‘skin’ operators.
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