structured breakdown of the target audiences within some of the major international markets...

The latest market data from Experian Hitwise gives us a structured breakdown of the target audiences within some of the major international markets. Here, we assess the demographic data sets that can better inform us about the gaming consumers affiliates regularly market to.

THE WEBSITE AND industry demographic reports from Experian Hitwise provide iGaming companies with an analysis of the consumption of industry products by country, sub-regions (counties/states/provinces/cities) within those countries and a profile of the consumers visiting their sites. The latest report is cast over a four week period ending on August 2, 2011, and details activity for the gaming markets in the US, UK, Australia. Hong Kong and Singapore. Here, we will concentrate on the UK and US markets.


According to Experian Hitwise data, the US online gambler is more likely to be male, over the age of 55, earning $30,000 to $60,000 per year and is likely to live in any of California (10-20%), Texas, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania (all 5-10%).

Again, as we touched on in the last issue, perhaps the most intriguing information on this page, and possibly the most pertinent for gaming companies, is captured in the Vantage Scored) index of US visitors to gaming sites. Vantage Scored) is a system created by the collaboration of the UK's three major credit reporting agencies. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, which provides a scale by which consumer demographics can be measured for credit risk assessment. This system helps companies predict the likelihood of delinquencies (late/non¬payments) for potential customers and for gaming companies, this information is vital in understanding the nature and/ or personality of the customer you are targeting, helping to avoid high risk demographics.

The system calculates risk on a scale between 901 to 600 - the lower the number, the higher the risk category. Although it has decreased slightly from the last report, we can see that almost 30% of people who gamble online in the US are in the high risk category with 23% being in the 'next-worst' category which means that over half (51.44%, a 0.54% drop since July) of all online players in the US can be considered higher risk customers. As the level of higher risk consumers shows signs of decline, there is good news at the other end of the spectrum too, as the lower risk bracket has increased 0.6% to 9.67%. It will be interesting to chart the rate and direction of change in the coming reporting periods.


Again, both markets share similarities in their demographic sets, but whereas the US gender split has remained the same, the UK has seen an incremental rise in male players. One obvious separation between the markets, as you would imagine, is in the preferred websites that players are visiting. The top ten sites in the US is dominated by state lottery and free-to-play sites whereas the UK shows that sportsbetting is a major driver of search traffic, with the likes of William Hill, Betfair and Ladbrokes taking up prominent places. However, the National Lottery sits significantly atop the list, a whole 20% clear of its nearest rival to market share, William Hill.

All in all, the information provided in this report offers a snapshot of the world the industry markets to in a given month, and provides valuable statistics and data to consider when preparing products and campaigns for both new and existing iGaming markets.
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