European Onshore Market 2011

H2 Gambling Capital - Commercial Activity Domestically Licensed
Al Dala fe Gross Win in Ђm - Sportsbetting, Casino, Poker, Bingo (No Lottery Products) Europe Only.

European Onshore Market 2011

THE DATA SET provided for 2011 details the commercial activity for domestkaDy licensed gaming operations in the European market and does not include offshore activity in pre-licensing countries such as Spain and Greece but does incorporate onshore monopoly activity exduding lottery, as highlighted by Sweden's share of the market.

Market share for 2011 sees the biggest regulated markets, France, Italy and the UK accounting for the majority of voice with the monopoly state in Sweden also making up for a significant portion.

Italy enjoys the largest market share with 36 percent of the market, with France accounting for a quarter at 24 percent and the UK totalling just 15 percent (onshore activity only).

The gross win per market is calculated using casino, bingo, poker and sportsbetting and does not include lottery products. What we can see from this is that the European onshore market in 2011 is worth close to €2 billion. Italy makes up the majority of this figure with gross win of €707 million, with France €466 million, the UK at €295 million and Sweden not far behind on €225 million. The 14 percent grouped together as 'other' account for the remaining €287 million.
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